Blunt injection cannulae for facial filler injections in Seattle

I was on-board with the blunt, flexible facial injection cannulas (special blunt tipped injection needles) the day I was introduced to them as a plastic surgery trainee in 2007. These unique ‘needles’ have a blunt end, and can safely be used to inject deep plane regions of the face that contain important artery and veins.Read more

Sculptra – a stimulatory facial filler

I recently began using Sculptra again after a long hiatus – there seems to be a resurgence in patient interest. I’m not sure if its marketing driven, or if the patients that I’ve been seeing lately are familiar with the product – I thought I’d review Sculptra and its clinical applications as a facial filler.Read more

Neurotoxin Wars – News at 11

Neurotoxin Wars Xeomin hits the US market to complete the neurotoxin triad After years of total market dominance, Botox (Allergan) now has two rivals – Dysport (Medicis) and now Xeomin (Merz). Each company also has its own HA filler – so the stage is set for real market competition that can only drive down pricesRead more

Belotero by Merz, a new fine-line facial filler – the answer to vertical lip lines ?

A review of what I know about Belotero to date and how it may be used for cosmetic facial injectionsRead more

Fat Grafting Injections for Facial Rejuventation

Fat Grafting Injections for Facial Rejuventation

I’ve been reviewing some cosmetic surgery before and after photos from patients I’ve cared for over the past 12 months. I’m seriously impressed with the longevity and effectiveness of autologous fat grafting as a facial volumizer. I’ve been a long-term advocate of HA fillers (Juvederm and Restylane) and have been injecting these products for years.Read more