Cosmetic Facial injections

The lines and wrinkles around eyes, mouth, and along the brow and neck can be relaxed and smoothed using cosmetic injections like Botox. Dr. Sattler does cosmetic facial injection in his Seattle area clinic. Patients rely on his artistic eye and gentle touch, and keep coming back every 4 to 5 months for repeat injections.

Botox is always $10 per unit at Sound Plastic Surgery, conveniently located near the University Village shopping center in Seattle. Our Botox price is amongst the lowest price per unit in the Seattle area, and all Botox injections are done by Dr. Sattler himself.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox and other similar medications like Xeomin and Dysport are neurotoxin proteins that temporarily weaken the fine facial muscles that create lines and wrinkles. Injection of Botox by Dr. Sattler in his Seattle area clinic is very safe. Botox, Dysport and Xeomin injections last for several months, and then can be repeated for a prolonged, relaxed and rejuvenated look. Injections are done with a tiny needle and patients return to work or social activities the same day. There is no ‘down time’ associated with Botox.

What regions of the face can be treated with Botox?

Dr. Sattler is an expert level Botox, Dysport and Xeomin injector, and has experience rejuvenating the following problem areas

Forehead lines
Glabellar lines aka the ‘eleven’ lines
Chin wrinkles
Bunny lines along the nose
Smoker’s lip lines
Neck lines and wrinkles
Platysmal bands
Crows feet
Masseter reduction aka jaw width reduction

Dr. Sattler also uses Botox to create a ‘chemical brow lift’ effect by injection using a specialized technique.

Can Botox reduce sweating palms and armpits?

Botox injections to the armpit or skin of the hand can significantly reduce hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) of these areas. Injections for hyperhydrosis are done by Dr. Sattler in his Seattle area clinic. Results last for 4 to 5 months and can be repeated.



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