Cosmetic Facial injections

Sculptra is a unique stimulatory filler that Dr. Scott Sattler uses to achieve amazing facial rejuvenation results for his Seattle area patients. The filler can be used over broad surfaces of the face and temple area to create a rejuvenated and refreshed look that many patients describe as a ‘liquid facelift’.

What is different about Sculptra ?

Sculptra is made from a compound that induces the production of collagen in the regions it is injected into.  Unlike other temporary facial fillers, Sculptra is a stimulatory filer that induces natural facial collagen production to add volume and shape the face.

After a ‘liquid facelift’ with Sculptra, patients describe a youthful ‘glow’ and youthful volume that other fillers cannot achieve. Dr. Sattler has observed Sculptra patients retaining enhanced facial volume for one to three years after injection.

Where can Sculptra be used to improve volume ?

Dr. Sattler uses Sculptra to improve volume and shaping of the cheeks, temple area, nasal labial folds, marionette lines around the mouth and jowling along the jaw line.

Are Scuptra injections uncomfortable ?

Dr. Sattler is keenly aware of any patient discomfort they might experience with cosmetic facial injections. He takes the time to use numbing creams and ice to make Sculptra injections comfortable for all of his patients. Dr. Sattler mixes local anesthetic with Sculptra prior to injection to maximize patient comfort. Patients frequently comment on his gentle injection technique and soothing bedside manner.

Why go to Dr. Sattler for Sculptra Injections ?

Dr. Sattler is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons doing cosmetic Sculptra injections in the Seattle area.
His Seattle area cosmetic practice is dedicated to facial cosmetic surgery and facial injections
Dr. Sattler has an awareness of facial anatomy and beauty that only a surgeon can possess.
He is an expert level injector that trains other doctors in his Sculptra  injection techniques
Dr. Sattler’s clinic is dedicated to excellence and integrity in cosmetic medicine and surgery



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