HA fillers like Juvederm are effective for mid facial hollowing

I’ve had a number of younger patients in the clinic recently that were unhappy with the hollowing and dark circles they had developed beneath the eyelids. This is an early sign of facial aging – what is happening is the robust fat pads that lie beneath the facial muscles below the eye ‘socket’ has thinned and drifted toward the central cheek. This repositioning of facial fat creates an elongated look to the lower eyelid and a flat surface in the mid cheek region.

A safe and long-lasting solution is to use a filler like Juvederm in the tissue plane adjacent to the bone to add volume to this area. The result, when done correctly and safely, is an elevation of the lid-cheek junction and a visual shortening of the lower eyelid. I typically use 1 cc of Juvederm per side. I’ve also used Voluma in the past for this same application, but this is an off-label, but very effective use of the product.

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photo of before Juvederm

Before Juvederm

After Juvederm

After Juvederm

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